Sheet Metal

sheet metal fabrication

Low and high-volume sheet metal services; cutting, folding and finishing, with worldwide shipping in as little as 4 days.

intelligently integrated with over 30+ Approved sheet metal Partners

Whether you need simple flat pattern cutting, rapid prototype enclosures or large quantity runs of specialist precision parts, our Geomiq Approved partner network of sheet metal fabricators  lets you innovate faster.

Combined expertise, a data driven software platform and over 300+ machines ensures your made right first time, every time. 

sheet metal capabilities

Rapid Turnaround

Using our intelligent network, we are able to instantly identify capacity on the latest multi-process machines to enable parts in as fast as 4 days.

Huge Material Choice

We offer most gauges of steels, stainless steels, copper, aluminium and more. Ensuring that the performance of the material matches the required application.

Wide Application

Parts ranging from enclosures, brackets, frames and chassis are often made using sheet metal fabrication.


From a one-off prototype or 10,000 units at the most competitive price, sheet metal fabrication is a cost effective method of production.

Small and Large Format

With cutting areas of up to 6000 x 2000m, presses up to 80T, both small components or large parts are suitable for our sheet metal fabrication service.

Custom Finishes

Our finishing processes include; Polishing, Plating, Powder Coating and more.f

laser cutting

We offer fibre and CO2 laser cutting to produce accurate cuts and contours to flat metal sheets. Laser cutting is best for steels up to circa 18mm thickness. Laser cutting is the most cost effective method of sheet metal fabrication due to minimal set-up cost and fast cutting process. 

water jet cutting

Our waterjet cutting service is ideal for fabrication of precision sheet metal components or thicker metals between 18mm-40mm. The main benefit of water jet cutting is that it leaves no heat-effected areas or causes mechanical stresses that could distort the material resulting in accuracy up to 0.1mm. 


bending and folding

We offer magnetic and hydraulic bending of sheet metal components, with custom tooling available to be produced also. 

welding and fabrication

Due to demand, for larger orders we offer basic spot welding and MIG/TIG welding. 

" The ability to get Sheet Metal and CNC parts from the same place makes my life so much easier. I can also pay online with card which saves time and effort with purchasing! "
Matt Winship
Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineer

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