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We connect engineers to approved manufacturers, providing: CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication and injection moulding, backed by our leading high quality assurance guarantee. Watch video

  • cnc

    CNC Machining

    Order high-quality precision CNC machined parts from a network of experienced global manufacturers capable of hitting tolerances as tight as +/- 0.002mm. Choose from over 30 metal and plastic materials and finishes.

  • injection_moulding

    Injection Moulding

    Whether you’re after low volume or serial production moulding, our experts in rapid tooling, family moulds, multi-cavity moulds or overmoulding will ensure your samples are ready in days.

  • 3d_printing

    3D Printing Services

    From FDM, SLA, SLS and MJF to DMLS printing, we’ve got you covered. Parts can typically be shipped in as little as 3 day, allowing for faster design iterations and speed to market.

  • sheet_metal

    Sheet Metal Fabrication

    High-quality laser cutting, bending and post-processing in days. Choose from a variety of sheet metals across a wide range of strength, conductivity, weight, and corrosion-resistance.


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How geomiq works

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    Upload + Quote

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    Quality + Inspection

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Connecting ambitious engineers with a network of experienced, hard-working and highly vetted manufacturers from all over the globe

All of our 260+ global and local partners are highly experienced, thoroughly vetted and 100% Geomiq approved.

Whether you’re looking for injection moulds, rapid prototypes or large quantities of specialist precision parts, you can trust that we’ll connect you with the right manufacturer for the job.

Our partners’ expertise - combined with the power of our data-driven software and the 1400+ machines on our network - ensures your parts are affordably quoted, quickly delivered and made right the first time, every time.

Why choose Geomiq

  • Quality assurance at every stage

  • From prototype to production in days

  • Leverage the expertise of our global partner network


We've manufactured over 10 million precision parts from prototyping through production

  • Oz Andrews

    Oz Andrews

    Tyba Home

    We use the Geomiq platform as it is the easiest and fastest way to get any of our parts made. They are the obvious choice, highly recommended!

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