The Benefits of Online Manufacturing

Manufacturing is currently being shaken by the rapid, unstoppable onslaught of the fourth industrial revolution. The integrated, digital fabrication processes outlined by the Industry 4.0 initiative are universally connecting through IoT (Internet of Things) improving industrial procedures beyond recognition.

Industry Insights

Our predictions for manufacturing in 2021

Those of you who recognise the names Scotty, LaForge and O’Brien will immediately
identify them as the overworked but trusty engineers of the Star Trek franchise. You might
also recall that whilst Scotty spent most of his time in the belly of the Enterprise desperately
trying to put out fires and push steaming tubes back into polystyrene blocks, the later
characters spent their time on the bridge, where all the information was available to them in
one place. How does this relate to where we are headed in 2021? we hear you ask. We will
come to the point about centralised digitalization in a while, but on a more basic level the
recent rate of technological acceleration in our engineering connectivity already makes
television programmes set centuries in the future look outdated. Sit back and allow us to
take you through our stellar predictions for the coming year.

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Friends of Geomiq Adapting under COVID

VIKASO is a new company based in Aylesbury focussed on integrating Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Formed with a vision of accelerating Cobot deployment in the UK, VIKASO offers an Ecosystem of Cobot products and full integration services.

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Friends of Geomiq in the Fight Against COVID

In recent weeks the manufacturing and hardware ecosystems have come together to step up and solve some incredibly complex challenges at lightning speed. We are collectively learning almost overnight that the old rules of strategy and crisis management no longer apply.

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Healthcare Automation Trends to Look Forward To

The healthcare industry has seen a massive technological transformation across the globe and automation has inspired progress, innovation and efficiency. Similarly, digitalisation brought about by IoT technologies is enabling intelligent automation procedures which enhance productivity and allow for better healthcare outcomes.

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What’s new in Solidworks 2020.

Dassault Systemes, Solidworks 2020 what are the key features, enhanced tools, how to streamline your workflow, new capabilities and core features that will boost your productivity.

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Automotive Manufacturing Technologies

Techniques used in the automotive sector are sophisticated and more engaging. There has been an improvement in the technology used over decades, such as automation of the manufacturing process. The application of new technologies has resulted in faster construction, reduction in cost, and improvement inefficiency.

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Why Choose Injection Moulding?

The process has an upfront cost which is usually very high due to the testing, design, and tooling requirements. Now that the other parts look identical to the first one produced, you will need to make sure that you get the first part right when producing in high volumes.

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We’re Heading to TCT Show 2019

Find out how Geomiq services can benefit your industry. FRom prototyping to low volume production. Offering multiple service lines all on one platform. Speak to one of our design engineers at our stand B62.

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Aluminium Anodising Process and Benefits

The core benefit of anodising aluminium alloys is that it improves its durability and wear resistance. Though it won’t provide everlasting protection against weathering, you will not have to incur the exaggerated maintenance cost. However,

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