The Benefits of Online Manufacturing

Manufacturing is currently being shaken by the rapid, unstoppable onslaught of the fourth industrial revolution. The integrated, digital fabrication processes outlined by the Industry 4.0 initiative are universally connecting through IoT (Internet of Things) improving industrial procedures beyond recognition.

Industry Insights

How Does CNC Machining Work?

How Does CNC Machining Work? In recent decades, CNC machining has completely transformed the world of engineering, becoming one of the most popular methods of

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Our Predictions for Manufacturing in 2021

2020 was a tough one for us all, especially those in the manufacturing and engineering industries.  Here at Geomiq we believe that 2021 will be a year of radical manufacturing transformation, with the rewards of greater agility and technological acceleration. Sit back and allow us to take you through our predictions for manufacturing in 2021.

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Friends of Geomiq Adapting under COVID

VIKASO is a new company based in Aylesbury focussed on integrating Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Formed with a vision of accelerating Cobot deployment in the UK, VIKASO offers an Ecosystem of Cobot products and full integration services.

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Friends of Geomiq in the Fight Against COVID

In recent weeks the manufacturing and hardware ecosystems have come together to step up and solve some incredibly complex challenges at lightning speed. We are collectively learning almost overnight that the old rules of strategy and crisis management no longer apply.

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Healthcare Automation Trends to Look Forward To

The healthcare industry has seen a massive technological transformation across the globe and automation has inspired progress, innovation and efficiency. Similarly, digitalisation brought about by IoT technologies is enabling intelligent automation procedures which enhance productivity and allow for better healthcare outcomes.

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