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Order high-quality Direct Metal Laser Sintered parts with Geomiq

Our partners’ expertise – combined with the power of our data-driven software and the 1400+ machines on our network – will ensure your DMLS 3D Printed parts are affordably quoted, quickly delivered and made right the first time, every time. We currently offer all common materials and the majority of our partners support generative design, meaning that when you trust Geomiq with your DMLS 3D Printing project, the possibilities are endless.

Why order Direct Metal Laser Sintered parts from Geomiq?

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Rapid turnaround

We’re committed to reducing friction at every stage, so you can be as delighted with the speed of your DMLS 3D Printed parts’ arrival as you are with their exceptional quality. Order now to receive your parts in as little as 3 days!

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Complex geometry

All of our partners’ 3D Printing technologies allow you to produce parts with virtually any geometry, and our tolerances are typically +/- 0.127mm.

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The perfect finish

We offer a range of different colours and high-quality finishing processes for all DMLS 3D Printed parts; from anodising, polishing and plating, to heat treatment, powder coating and more.

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Unmatched durability

DMLS 3D Printing produces the strongest additive parts available.

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A wide variety of materials and colours

We only offer the best DMLS 3D Printing materials and technologies, and can guarantee that you’ll be happy with the quality of each part you receive.

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Catering to a wide range of industries

From aerospace and energy products to electronics and automotive goods, we’re proud to deliver immaculate DMLS 3D Printed parts for any and every industry.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering materials

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering specifications

Our maximum build size is 250mm x 250mm x 300mm, while our DMLS capabilities are best suited for materials which are 0.02-0.06mm thick (depending on their resolution).

What is Direct Metal Laser Sintering?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a metal 3D Printing technology that selectively fuses a fine metal powder using a laser. This 3D Printing process is used to manufacture both prototypes and production parts – particularly those with very complex features and all-in-one assemblies with high strength requirements.

The Geomiq process:

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It takes just seconds to upload your design files to the G-Quote engine. We benchmark a minimum of 3 quotes from trusted partners and deliver you the best price within one business day.

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Once the best quote for price, quality and speed is selected, our trusted partners will get to work creating you the highest quality of mechanical parts – and your parts will be manufactured in days!

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Our expert team of engineers carry out two stages of rigorous Quality Control to ensure thorough inspections of your parts and ensure they are right the first time.

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Utilising our proprietary software and our on-site teams, we ensure on-time delivery and communicate project status at every stage from order through to delivery.