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Injection Moulding Services

Plastic Injection Moulding Services that are Guaranteed Competitive, T1 samples delivered in as little as 15 days and you own the tool.

  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Tolerances +/-0.005mm
  • Free DFM Analysis in 24Hrs
  • T1 - Samples in 15 - 20 Days
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Build your quote online, configure part requirements and instantly request a quote. Our design Engineers will review 100% of Injections Moulding projects and get back to you within 24Hrs.

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A network of 260+ Manufacturing Partners, guarantees capacity for your parts to go into production same-day. Our manufacturing partners are both, Local and Overseas. 

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Our dedicated team of engineers are experts in manufacturing. Your projects will have a dedicated account manager to follow the process from quotation to production and final delivery of your product.

Injection Moulding capabilities

With Geomiq’s dedicated service and state of the art injection moulding capabilities, you’ll get the following benefits

Rapid Turnaround

Using our intelligent network, we are able to instantly identify capacity to enable T1 Sample parts in as fast as 15 days.

Huge Material Choice

We have over 100 high-performance materials, including thermoset, thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubbers. There are numerous thermal, electrical and chemical resistance properties available.

Wide Application

Simple ABS injection moulding through to specialist medical injection moulding. Components ranging from consumer products to medical rely on our plastic injection moulding services.


From multi-slide single cavity tooling to 6 cavity family tooling, we can help scale your production requirements without the need for technical know-how.

You Own the Tool

That's right, you own the tool - how it should be. We can store the tool and help with your logistics if required. This means that there is no pressure on you and you are in control of the production.

Gauranteed Quality

All of our Geomiq Approved Injection Moulding manufacturing Partners are ISO9001 accredited at a minimum. This ensures a repeatable high quality end product.

With over 250+ approved partners and over 1000+ machines, you will always be our priority​

Injection Moulding Services

We offer both thermoset and thermoplastic injection moulding and our Manufacturing Partners have machines up to 400 Tonnes. The ability to produce low-cost, repeatable plastic components has meant that injection moulding is the production method of choice for most plastic components.

Whether you need prototype injection moulding with rapid tooling, or complex multi-cavity injection moulding for production, our Geomiq Approved partner network lets you innovate faster.

Combined expertise to explain the advantages of injection moulding, a data driven software platform and over 250+ machines ensures your parts are made right first time, every time. ​

Minimum Order Quantity


Mould Material

Aluminium, Steel

Mould Types

Rapid Tooling, Precision Tooling, Production Tooling

Mould Storage

2 Years - Own the Tool - Shipping costs apply*

Mould Lead Times

15 - 20 Days

Production Lead Times

5 - 7 Days

Quality Assurance

Inspection Reports, QC Reports

Mould Re-machining

Contact support - Reviewed on a case-by-case basis 


Set-up fee

Technical Support

Dedicated Support Team - Free DFM feedback

ABS - Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is extremely common throughout the world because it gives the fastest results at the best cost. Put simply, the reliability and efficiency provided by the plastic injection moulding process have not been matched.

  • Efficient & Quick production cycles
  • Complex Designs
  • Superior Strength
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Low Waste
  • Low Cost
LSR - Injection Moulding

Liquid Silicone Moulding

Liquid Silicone Rubber, LSR, is an injection moulding process for thermosetting polymers. This process is used in several industries because of the superior properties of the produced parts. The process of LSR injection moulding is extremely similar to plastic injection moulding and the main difference is in the tooling process which is simpler.

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Superior Mechanical & Electric Properties
  • Bio-compatibility

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" Comprehensive DFM procedure, support with injection moulding tolerances and samples twice as fast as i've ever received . Would highly recommend."
Chris Blackwood
Industrial Design Director

Injection Moulding Mould Material Comparison

Aluminium vs Steel

Tooling Cost

Aluminium offers a clear advantage over steel in terms of lower pricing, but the overall value and return on investment of an aluminium mould and a steel mould can vary greatly, based on the usage of the mould.

Cost per part

This factor depends on the intended production run, and the overall lifespan that the customer hopes to get out of their part. For shorter runs, the lower upfront costs of aluminium moulds can lead to lower overall cost per part. If the customer intends to use their mould for high volumes in the millions and tens of millions of parts, they’ll see the investment in a steel mould pay off.

Heating and Cooling times

Aluminium moulds has a much higher rate of heat dissipation and can heat and cool much more quickly than steel moulds — typically up to seven times. Cooling time, especially, makes up a significant portion of overall cycle time in injection moulding.

Shrink, warp and other defects

Aluminium means the mould is better able to approach uniform heating and cooling times — and to do so more quickly — which provides an advantage in decreasing the number of defective and rejected parts. Non-uniform heating and cooling are among the biggest factors in defects such as sink marks, voids and burn marks.

Ease of modification and repair

Damaged or deformed steel moulds can be really difficult and costly to repair, due to the extreme hardness of the material. All too often, a new mould will be required in such cases. Aluminium moulds are much more receptive to repair and, as a softer material, can be more easily modified in cases where production errors may have occurred.

Detailed features

When extremely fine, detailed features are required — e.g., thin, non-uniform walls, less rounded angles and tighter, narrower areas of the mould cavity — steel moulds will often provide better results than aluminium.

Common Mould Materials

P20 Steel

28-30 RC hardness. P-20 is the first choice in most cases when using plastics without abrasive additives, but unless it’s for very low-volume use, it needs to be protected erosion with a coating or surface hardening.

NAK80 Steel

Tougher than P20, while also machining much faster. It holds tight tolerances and more corrosion resistant. A potential disadvantage is that it has poorer heat transference, so it needs to be cooled more carefully.

S-7 Steel

Used for very tight-tolerance and high-volume parts. It’s a very durable, impact-resistant tool steel that can be hardened up to 56 RC.

H13 Steel

A Typically the go-to choice for a tool steel to address wear when running abrasive materials. In most cases, cavities are not hardened above 50 RC to reduce the chances of stress cracks. The typical range is 44-48 RC.

S-316 Steel

It’s the most corrosion resistant when injecting PVC or POM plastics but it has one of lowest thermal efficiency.

7000 series Aluminium

A high-strength aluminium alloy with a relatively large percentage of zinc. It has the best heat transfer properties of common tool metals, but it is not suitable for injecting corrosive resins like POM or PVC, or those with glass fibres added to them, as glass fibres will erode the mould surfaces.

Mould Lifetime

Any injection mould will be subject to wear. Wear will occur particularly to ejectors, gates, slides & other moving parts of the tool. Surface finishes such as high polish or sparked finish will also become less defined over time.

Mould Material

Soft aluminium moulds will incur much more wear from the plastic material than hard steel moulds. Steel moulds should last for millions of mouldings.

Moulding Material

Certain materials can be very abrasive, such as glass filled nylon for example. Other materials are very corrosive and will rust normal steel moulds, so aluminium alloy or stainless-steel moulds should be used, or the steel mould should be stainless steel or aluminium alloy plated.

Mould setter skill

Moulds need to be set up to work in the injection moulding machine correctly. Overclocking, poor tool alignment, excessive ejector stroke, over pressurisation of the plastic material, not enough lubricant on the ejectors are all examples of poor setting which wear any mould down much more quickly than necessary.


Thermoplastic injection moulding is the most common way to manufacture parts. Thermoplastics are polymers that can be repeatedly molten or softened by heating and solidified by cooling.

AbbreviationFull NameProperties
ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneTough, opaque, rigid, hard, high gloss.
HDPEHigh-density polyethyleneTough, semi-rigid, translucent, excellent weatherability/chemical resistance.
HIPSHigh Impact PolystyreneRigid, hard, translucent.
LDPELow-density polyethyleneFlexible, translucent, durable, good weatherability/low temperature performance, excellent chemical resistance.
PA6Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6)Rigid, tough, translucent, resistance to oils, good dialectic resistance, hard wearing.
PCPolycarbonateRigid, tough, excellent impact resistance, good weatherability and dimensional stability.
PC/ABSPolycarbonate/ABS blendCombination of PC and ABS properties (mostly used for electronics enclosures)
PMMAAcrylicHard, rigid, crystal clear, good weatherability.
POMAcetal/DelrinRigid, very tough, translucent, good dimensional stability and electrical properties.
PPPolypropyleneSemi rigid, translucent, excellent chemical resistance, good recyclability.
PSPolystyreneRigid, high gloss and transparency, brittle.
PVCPolyvinyl ChlorideFlexible, strong, high abrasion resistance, good weathering properties

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