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Having developed proprietary technology to optimise lead times we can produce affordable Injection Moulded parts delivered to you in just 8 days. Hard and soft tooling for production or prototype injection moulding and world-class design optimisation. We have delivered over 12 million injection moulded parts to global customers and you own the tool.

Production parts in just 8 days Production parts in just 8 days
Full engineering support Full engineering support
ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485 Accredited ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485 Accredited
All uploads are secure and confidential.

All uploads are secure and confidential.

Injection moulding service | online parts

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Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing
Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing
Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing
Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing
Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing
Manufacturing partner network for 3D printing

Our injection moulding capabilities

Geomiq takes on prototype and production injection moulding, we can support low volume with no minimum order quantity through to mass production and ongoing call-off orders in line with your requirements. We take on challenging complex jobs, be it complex part geometry, specialist materials, extremely tight tolerances or specialist finishing. We have earned our reputation amongst the worlds leading companies, working on the very latest of technologies and delivering over 12 million injection moulded components and counting.

Plastic injection moulding

Our capabilities: Plastic injection moulding

Over 300 materials available with machine tonnages ranging from 25T to 1300T for parts up to 1m x 1m x 1m

Overmoulding & 2K moulding

Our capabilities: Overmoulding and 2K moulding

Cutting edge technology for multi-material, multi-shot components (ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PC/ABS, PET, PMMA, POM, PC, PP, PA, PS, TPE, TPU, etc.).

Insert moulding

Our capabilities: Insert moulding

Insert moulding consists of injection moulding around a metal or plastic insert. Inserts are used to create strong, metal, re-usable threads. Geomiq offers insert moulding and can provide inserts or work with free-issued inserts or specified inserts as you require.

Compression moulding

Our capabilities: Compression moulding

Silicone tooling for low volume prototyping or production runs.

Liquid silicone rubber moulding

Our capabilities: Liquid silicone rubber moulding

Soft or flexible materials produced in batches or production runs. Shores from 20 - 90 (A).

Why choose injection moulding services in the UK from Geomiq?

Rapid turnaround

Rapid turnaround

We have developed proprietary technology and processes that allow you to receive Injection Moulded parts in as little as 8 days. We’re committed to reducing friction at every stage, ensuring you are informed at every stage of production.

Complex geometry

Complex geometry

All of our partners’ Injection Moulding technologies allow you to design and produce with high levels of complexity. We offer medium and fine tolerances down to +/- 0.005mm for production and provide T1 samples for you to approve.

130 + Production grade materials

130 + Production grade materials

Injection moulding allows for a huge range of materials with production grade properties. From durability, biocompatibility or impact-resistant parts we offer over 130+ injection moulding materials or can support free-issue material directly from you.

Catering to a wide range of industries

Catering to a wide range of industries

From consumer, medical and energy products to electronics and automotive goods, we’re proud to deliver production grade injection moulded parts for any and every industry.

Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

We offer a 1 to 1 experience wih an injection moulding project manager with over 25 years experience. This ensures you get only the best advice and support throughout all stages of production from Tooling design, Injection points and surface finishing through to packaging recommendations. Expect nothing less than affordable and exceptional service.

Our injection moulding process

Our injection moulding process

Upload your designs

Upload your CAD and technical drawings to our secure platform.

Our injection moulding process

Get an injection moulding quote with free DFM

Configure your projects in our quote-to-order platform for pricing in 2 days followed by free initial DFM support.

Our injection moulding process

5 free T1 samples

Receive T1 samples in 3 weeks for your approval prior to kicking off injection moulding production parts.

Our injection moulding process

Fully managed production runs

Once samples are approved, production kicks off with lead times from 5 days with no MOQs.

Our injection moulding process

Reorder parts from your tool

Easily reorder parts from your injection moulding tool on-demand.

Responsive & Quality assurance

Custom plastic injection moulding: Quality assurance

Our engineers have 50+ years of expertise, offering innovative processes with maximum responsiveness. Our T1 sampling process provides high-precision injection moulding. We're experts in rapid tooling, family moulds, multi-cavity or over moulding.

From prototype to production in days

Custom plastic injection moulding: From prototype to production

At Geomiq, we understand the value of your time, and we are dedicated to helping you save more of it. Upon uploading your files, we provide a quote within one business day, and our network of highly experienced partners ensures that your injection moulding parts are of the highest quality with short lead times.

Leverage the expertise of our global partner network

Custom plastic injection moulding: Global partner network

We collaborate with 260+ experienced and vetted manufacturers. This allows you to access a world-class supply chain, offering greater capabilities and the highest standards globally, all from a single access point.

Injection moulding materials

  • ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

    Tough, opaque, rigid, hard, high gloss.

  • HDPE - High-density polyethylene

    Tough, semi-rigid, translucent, excellent weatherability/chemical resistance.

  • HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene

    Rigid, hard, translucent.

  • LDPE - Low-density polyethylene

    Flexible, translucent, durable, good weatherability/low temperature performance, excellent chemical resistance.

  • PA6 - Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6)

    Rigid, tough, translucent, resistance to oils, good dialectic resistance, hard wearing.

  • PC - Polycarbonate

    Rigid, tough, excellent impact resistance, good weatherability and dimensional stability.

  • PC/ABS - Polycarbonate/ABS blend

    Combination of PC and ABS properties (mostly used for electronics enclosures).

  • PE - Polyethylene


  • PMMA - Acrylic

    Hard, rigid, crystal clear, good weatherability.

  • POM - Acetal/Delrin

    Rigid, very tough, translucent, good dimensional stability and electrical properties.

  • PP - Polypropylene

    Semi rigid, translucent, excellent chemical resistance, good recyclability.

  • PS - Polystyrene

    Rigid, high gloss and transparency, brittle.

  • PU- Polyurethane


  • PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

    Flexible, strong, high abrasion resistance, good weathering properties.

Our surface finishing options:

Surface finishes

As moulded

The surface finish achieved directly from the injection moulding process, reflecting the natural texture and appearance of the mould without any additional post-processing.

SPI finishes

SPI offers standardised textures and gloss levels to enhance the appearance and functionality of injection-moulded products.

VDI finishes

VDI, provides a set of standards for textures and appearances in injection moulding, contributing to improved product aesthetics and performance.

Threaded inserts

Integration of threaded metal inserts during the moulding process to provide durable and secure attachment points for screws, bolts, or other fasteners.

Pad printing

A printing method where a silicone pad transfers ink onto the moulded surface, allowing for detailed and multicolor designs on complex or contoured shapes.

Laser engraving

Precision etching of designs, logos, or information onto the moulded surface using a laser, providing a permanent and high-resolution marking.

Silk screen printing

Application of ink through a mesh screen onto the moulded surface, ideal for large and flat areas, offering vibrant and consistent prints.

Spray painting

Application of paint or coatings onto the moulded surface using a spray gun, allowing for customisation of colours and finishes.

Laser etching

Controlled removal of material using a laser beam to create designs, patterns, or markings on the moulded surface, ensuring precision and permanence.

Protective Coatings

Application of specialised coatings to enhance durability, resist scratches, or provide specific properties such as UV resistance or chemical resistance.


Deposition of a thin metal layer onto the moulded surface through an electrochemical process, improving aesthetics, conductivity, or corrosion resistance.

Main reasons to choose injection moulding:

Speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency

The high production output rate of injection moulding makes it extremely cost-effective, allowing manufacturers to benefit from economies of scale, and therefore increased profit margins

Optimise complex part production

Optimise complex part production

Millions of uniform parts can be produced accurately and efficiently, allowing manufacturers to save time and money throughout the production process.

Flexibility in material, colour & strength

Flexibility in material, colour & strength

The strength, type, and colour of the materials used provide injection moulding manufacturers with endless design options.

Waste reduction

Waste reduction

With advance consideration, waste can easily be reduced and recycled during the injection moulding process



Injection moulding is easily automated and requires minimal operator supervision, making it highly cost-effective and efficient for manufacturers.

Tight tolerances

Tight tolerances

This is important for parts requiring high accuracy. Injection Moulding can offer tight tolerances and high precision for parts.

All uploads are secure and confidential.

All uploads are secure and confidential.

Our distributed network of injection moulding manufacturers

We have hundreds of global manufacturing partners that ensure we are highly competitive and have unlimited capacity. We can route jobs geographically to reduce lead times and shipping costs as well as reducing the carbon footprint of each order. All of our injection moulding partners have stringent onboarding and we use data to track on-time deliveries, quality and pricing. This ensures your job is always with the most suited supplier of injection moulding parts.

Injection moulding factory in Dublin
Injection moulding factory in Dublin
Injection moulding factory in Braga
Injection moulding factory in Braga
Injection moulding factory in Zhejiang
Injection moulding factory in Zhejiang
Injection moulding factory in Bremen
Injection moulding factory in Bremen

Our dedicated injection moulding team:

Producing injection moulding plastic parts at scale can be challenging, which is why we offer fully managed production runs with dedicated specialists.

  • Injection moulding team: James Shrimpton

    James Shrimpton

    Team Lead

  • Injection moulding team: Leo Pak

    Leo Pak

    Technical Project Manager

  • Injection moulding team: Samuel Hill

    Samuel Hill

    Senior Key Account Manager

Injection moulding FAQ

  • What is injection moulding?

    Injection moulding is a manufacturing process used to produce plastic parts. It involves injecting molten plastic material into a mould cavity, allowing it to cool and solidify to the desired shape.

  • What types of products can be made using injection moulding?

    Injection moulding is versatile and can be used to produce a wide range of products, including automotive parts, consumer goods, medical devices, electronic components, packaging materials, and more.

  • What are the advantages of injection moulding?

    Injection moulding offers several advantages, including high production output, cost-effectiveness for large volumes, the ability to create complex designs, a wide range of material options, and minimal waste.

  • What materials can be used in injection moulding?

    Injection moulding supports various materials, including ABS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PA6 (Nylon 6), PC, PC/ABS blend, PE, PMMA (Acrylic), POM (Acetal/Delrin), PP, PS, PU (Polyurethane), and PVC.

  • How long does it take to receive injection moulded parts?

    The lead time can vary depending on factors such as part complexity, mould design, and production volume. However, with some providers, you can receive parts in as little as 15 days.

  • How can I choose the right material for my injection moulded parts?

    The choice of material depends on factors such as desired properties (e.g., strength, flexibility, transparency), environmental conditions, and application requirements. An experienced provider can help recommend the best material for your specific needs.

  • What factors affect the cost of injection moulding?

    The cost is influenced by factors such as part complexity, material selection, tooling cost, production volume, surface finish requirements, tolerance specifications, and any additional features or inserts.

  • Can I make modifications to the mould if needed?

    Aluminium moulds are generally more receptive to modifications and repairs compared to steel moulds. However, significant modifications may require a new mould.

  • How can I ensure the quality of injection moulded parts?

    Reputable providers typically have quality assurance processes in place. They may employ skilled engineers to check files and parts at every stage, from initial quote to final inspection, ensuring high-quality results.

What our customers say

Customer review - Oz Andrew

We use the Geomiq platform as it is the easiest and fastest way to get any of our parts made. They are the obvious choice, highly recommended!

Oz Andrews


Tyba Home

Customer review - Jamie Fairclough

Geomiq streamlines your parts supply chain down to a single supplier. A true enabler for anyone involved with fast paced R&D through to production.

Jamie Fairclough

Design Lead

Industrial Robotics | Arrival

Customer review - James Batstone

Geomiq have been fantastic in getting one-off prototype parts to us in our research team super fast so we can go out and test these ideas in the real world using the Brompton Future Lab initiative.

James Batstone

Future Product Research Lead

Brompton Bikes

Customer review - Alex Leck

The quality and service since using Geomiq has rapidly accelerated our development process for roadmap, strategic and bespoke projects.

Alex Leck

Design Engineer

JCL Lighting

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