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World-class Injection Moulded parts delivered to your door in as little as 15 days. We cater for both low volume or serial production moulding requirements.

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Whether you’re after rapid prototyping and low volume production moulding, our experts in rapid tooling, family moulds, multi-cavity moulds or overmoulding will ensure your samples are ready in days. Injection moulding is the most cost-effective way to make a perfect plastic part at scale. At Geomiq, we’re proud to partner with 260+ experienced and highly vetted manufacturers, who have a proven track record of making high-precision Injection Moulded parts for customers all over the globe. With our partners’ expertise, our engineers’ attention to detail and our entire team’s commitment to exceptional quality assurance at every stage, you can rest assured that with Geomiq, you’ll receive the perfect Injection Moulded parts – the first time, every time



Order low-cost, repeatable plastic components at scale


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Rapid turnaround

We’re committed to reducing friction at every stage, so you can be as delighted with the speed of your Injection Moulded parts’ arrival as you are with their exceptional quality. Order now to receive your T1 samples in as little as 15 days!

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High accuracy

With Geomiq, you can expect high-precision Injection Moulding, our experts in rapid tooling, family moulds, multi-cavity moulds or overmoulding will ensure your T1 samples are ready in 15 days.

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Unmatched scalability

From multi-slide single cavity tooling to 6 cavity family tooling, we’ll help you scale your production requirements while taking care of all of the technicalities.

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You own the tool

You’re in full control of the tool and its production, but we’ll store it and help with the logistics whenever you need. You are always our priority – and we give you unmatched support and control in equal measure.

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Guaranteed quality

All of our experienced, highly vetted and Geomiq-approved manufacturing partners ensure you receive only the highest quality Injection Moulded parts, time after time.

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A wide range of industries

From simple ABS Injection Moulding through to specialist medical Injection Moulding, we’re proud to cater for any and every industry.

Quality assurance at every stage

We’re committed to providing the best quality assurance in the business. We employ highly skilled engineers to triple-check all of your files and parts from initial quote to final inspection – ensuring that you’re happy with your results the first time, every time.

From prototype to production in days

At Geomiq, we know your time is valuable – and we’re passionate about helping you save more of it. When you upload your files, we’ll get you a quote within one business day – and our network of highly experienced partners will ensure the finished products are of the highest quality and made on time.

Leverage the expertise of our global partner network

We partner with 20+  highly vetted and experienced Injection Moulding manufacturers from around the world, so that you can benefit from more options, greater capabilities and the highest standards in the world – all from a single access point.


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Tough, opaque, rigid, hard, high gloss.

Tough, semi-rigid, translucent, excellent weatherability/chemical resistance.

Rigid, hard, translucent.

  • Flexible, translucent, durable, good weatherability/low temperature performance, excellent chemical resistance.

Rigid, tough, translucent, resistance to oils, good dialectic resistance, hard wearing.

Rigid, tough, excellent impact resistance, good weatherability and dimensional stability.

Combination of PC and ABS properties (mostly used for electronics enclosures).

Hard, rigid, crystal clear, good weatherability.

Rigid, very tough, translucent, good dimensional stability and electrical properties.

Semi rigid, translucent, excellent chemical resistance, good recyclability.

Rigid, high gloss and transparency, brittle.

Flexible, strong, high abrasion resistance, good weathering properties.

Stuck on which material to choose? We’ll recommend the best material based on your requirements


This factor depends on the intended production run, and the overall lifespan that you’re hoping to get out of your part. For shorter runs, the lower upfront costs of aluminium moulds can lead to a lower overall cost per part. If you plan to use your mould for higher volumes, however, you’ll see your investment in a steel mould pay off.

Heating and cooling times

Aluminium moulds have a higher rate of heat dissipation and can heat and cool much more quickly than steel moulds — typically up to 7 times. Cooling time, especially, makes up a significant portion of overall cycle time in Injection Moulding.

Shrink, warp and other defects

Aluminium means the mould is better able to approach uniform heating and cooling times — and do so more quickly — which provides an advantage in decreasing the number of defective and rejected parts. Non-uniform heating and cooling are among the biggest factors in defects such as sink marks, voids and burn marks.

Ease of modification and repair

Damaged or deformed steel moulds can be very difficult and costly to repair, due to the extreme hardness of the material. In such cases, a new mould will likely be required. Aluminium moulds are much more receptive to repair and, as a softer material, can be more easily modified in cases where production errors may have occurred.

Detailed features

When extremely fine, detailed features are required (e.g. thin, non-uniform walls, less rounded angles and tighter, narrower areas of the mould cavity), steel moulds will often provide better results than aluminium.


Injection Moulding is a formative manufacturing technology, meaning that material is formed from an amorphous shape into a fixed shape defined by a mould tool. Almost every plastic part created today is created by Injection Moulding, as this process allows identical parts to be created in huge numbers, in a short space of time, and at very low cost per part.

The Injection Moulding process:
#1 A mould cavity defines the shape of the part.
#2 Material (melted plastic) is injected under pressure into the cavity.
#3 When the plastic cools it solidifies to take the form defined by the mould.
#4 The part is ejected, and the process repeats from step 2.