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Refer a Friend

Invite a friend or colleague to Geomiq and enjoy £50 sign-up credit across our CNC, Injection Moulding, Sheet Metal and 3D Printing Services.

If you’re interested in what Geomiq offers, Why not spread the word? Inviting your friends and colleagues to Geomiq is both simple and rewarding. 

Invite a friend or colleague today and we’ll reward both of you with £50 manufacturing credit across all of our service lines. 

3 Steps to Rewarding Friends and Colleagues

Invite your Friends and Colleagues

You Both Get Rewarded

Start Manufacturing

Supporting your Engineering Team in a Fast-paced Competitive Industry​

Sourcing high precision custom parts for fast moving engineering teams has become easier with Geomiq. Guaranteed RFQ within 24Hrs. Using our intelligent platform and an intuitive interface you can easily navigate your part development process. Unlimited access to capacity, with the capability to start production same day.

  • Upload Parts in Under 60sec
  • Efficient Procurement Process
  • Professional DFM Feedback
  • Same Day Production
  • Competitive Prices
  • Network Of Manufacturers
  • Delivery in as Little as 5 Days
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

REady to get started?

It has never been easier to upload your CAD file or BOM and boost your productivity.