Industry Insight Hardware Roundup – September

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CNC Machining is changing the manufacturing industry…since 700 B.C. CNC technology is not as recent as you might think, the oldest machined part (a bowl) was discovered in Italy around 700 B.C made using a lathe like machine. By the 18th century attempts were made to automate various machining process. Today CNC Machining is ever-more enhancing manufacturing of tomorrow, it’s convenient, its versatility, high precision and wide selection of materials makes it appealing to rapid prototyping.

Moore’s Law of 3D Printing? – New Holographic 3D Printing can create object I seconds by printing a 3D shape all at the same time. How? Simply put 3 Laser beams overlap to define an objects geometry from 3 different directions, creating a 3D image suspended in a vat of photosensitive resin. The laser light stays on for just long enough to cure the shape excess resin is drain and what remains is a fully formed 3D shape. LLNL engineer Chris Spadaccini says this is the next generation of 3D Printing.

How Manufacturing Plants Can Prepare for Industry 4.0 – disconnectedness i.e. more efficient digital technologies. Think, the modern state of digitisation including more advanced computing solutions, cloud and remote computing, IoT and connected devices, and the adoption of AI and machine learning. Step by step process follows by first Focusing on Improving Processes which will help shape collaboration within your organisation, even with the necessary hardware and systems. That means investing in training and education, process automation, related hardware and maybe new tools or software. 

Tech Future

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BIOLIFE4D, a Chicago startup has demonstrated the versatile applicability of 3D printing. Transforming every industry from space to manufacturing 3D Printing is now transforming Healthcare. Led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Ravi Birla, BIOLIFE4D achieved its successfully replicated a human heart at JLABS research facility in Houston. To print the heart BIOLIFE4D researchers create a bioink using specific composition of different extracellular matrix compounds that replicates the properties of a heart.

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NASA Image: ISS056E073247 – ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst works on the Microgravity Investigation of Cement Solidification (MICS) experiment aboard the International Space Station. MICS is researching how cement reacts in space during the hardening process and may help engineers better understand its microstructure and material properties. Observations could improve cement processing techniques on Earth and lead to the design of safer, lightweight space habitats.)

Are we Edging closer to building man-made structures in space? The moon? Mars? Recent investigation on the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts performed cement solidification in microgravity to see how it turned out. Microgravity Investigation of Cement Solidification (MICS). Full results of the investigation can be found here.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne Takes 3D Printing for Rocket Engines to the Next Level – a California-based rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer, has announced successful hot-fire testing of its 3D-printed thrust chamber for the RL10 engine. It is the largest copper-alloy thrust chamber ever built with 3-D printing and successfully tested. The RL10 rocket engine has played a pivotal role in placing satellites of all types into the Earth’s orbit. Benefits of this technology include, Cost Savings due to it being faster and less labour-intensive & Higher Flexibility as it has fewer constraints on the size and shape of materials. The new chamber design reduces the time to manufacture from several months to just under one month, and the number of parts by 90 percent to just two. With 3D printing, also comes the ability to design and build advanced features that allow for improved heat transfer.

Events & Community


​Come speak to our team at TCT2019, Booth # , 24-26 September 2019. The event for Design-to-Manufacture innovation, at the NEC Exhibition Centre Hall 3 &3A, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Sam Al-Mukhtar Speaking at Advanced Engineering 2019, 31st October 2019, 14:00pm. At the Manufacturing of the Future Session – Speaking about “Removing the pain of Cost Estimating and Quoting Jobs – for both Engineers and Manufacturers”.

Geomiq is organising London Industrial Designers/Engineers Meetup event in London. Location & Date TBD. Sign up to the Meetup group to get exclusive updates. 

Geomiq will be speaking at WebSummit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. 

This Month

Apple Unveils the next Generation of iPhones

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The iPhone 11 boosts chip performance by 20% with the new A13 processor. The new chip is built with a more power-efficient transistor technology, saving battery life. Among other hardware improvements the new iPhone features improved camera sensors. The new iPhones come in a Pro version and a standard version. Available from 20th  September.

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