How Geomiq Helps Small Robot Company Tackle The Climate Problem

This is an image of Small Robot Companies Farming Robot


How Geomiq helps Small Robot Company Save The Environment And Deliver Per-Plant Farming For The World's Largest Crops

January 31, 2023

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How Geomiq Helps Small Robot Company Save The Environment And Deliver Per-Plant Farming For The World’s Largest Crops 

Why Geomiq?

The customer needed a cost-effective solution to produce custom parts quicker in order to speed up the iteration process for prototype designs. They were also in need of a partner capable of seamlessly adjusting production levels to match customer demand.

About the team

Industry: Argitech
Product: Sustainable farming robots
Location: Salisbury, England
Capabilities Leveraged: CNC
Engineers Using Geomiq: 4

Small Robot Co's AI-powered Farm Robots Zero In On Each Plant In A Field, Enabling More Efficient Application Of Herbicides And Fertiliser To Save Money And Cut Pollution

An innovative British company that is reimagining farming to make farming sustainable and profitable. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, farmers can understand and optimise care for every plant in every field, reducing chemicals and waste. They call it
“ Per Plant farming.”

This is an image of Small Robot Companies Farming Robot
Small Robot Company Tech

“Geomiq is helping us with value engineering to allow us to produce the robots that we need at the right price, they're complimentary quality control process, means that we don't have to worry about all the issues of going out to the market ourselves".

Ben Scott-Robinson
Co Founder, CEO | Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company’s Challenge

As the company is growing rapidly, delivering Per Plant Farming to more farms every day, the need to quickly develop their robots through rigorous testing and prototyping is crucial, without increasing their overheads. They also needed a fast and more cost-efficient turnaround on parts to iterate on prototype designs more quickly and a partner who could seamlessly scale production to meet customer demand.

Small Robot Co's team working on their robot

Reducing Part Sourcing From Months & Weeks to Weeks & Days

With Geomiq, the team realised they could simplify workflow tasks, such as supplier sourcing, quoting, and quality control to accelerate prototyping and testing times dramatically. Quickly, timelines went from 4-6 weeks without compromising quality…

“With Geomiq I get a quote back within 24 hours, and I've got full transparency over my supply chain from quote to receiving the parts".

Raymond King | Lead Mechanical Engineer | Small Robot Company

Staying Lean and Agile While Increasing Their Fleet

Since using the Geomiq platform, they have reduced the cost and prototyping time of the robots and mechanical components. These savings in infrastructure and overhead costs have accelerated development, helping increase the number of robots in their fleet more quickly.

“As we look to scale up as a company working with Genomic and having our parts correct the first time means that we're able to deliver our mission to allow farmers to be more sustainable as they move into the future”.

Raymond King | Lead Mechanical Engineer | Small Robot Company

With Geomiq’s help, Small Robot Company has been able to save much of the time and money spent on building and maintaining that infrastructure and finding reliable suppliers from which to source their parts, and instead focus their resources where it counts — developing their technology and getting it onto the farms and crops around the world.

Small Robot Co you rock!

Learn more about our platform and manufacturing solutions for New Product Development Acceleration, then create your free account and try Geomiq for yourself, or call and speak to a member of our team on T. 020 3962 9020

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