How much does CNC machining cost

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How much does CNC machining cost

This article covers the basics of how much CNC machining costs, including a breakdown of factors affecting the price, how Geomiq calculates this, and how you can get a quote today. Read on to find out what CNC machining is and how much it costs to use CNC machining to create your products.

August 10, 2021

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CNC machining costs vary on the basis of the hourly rate but are usually around £40 – £65 per hour in the UK. The cost of CNC machining is dependent on the cost of the individual parts, the labour cost, finishing, and machining.

This article covers the basics of how much CNC machining costs, including a breakdown of factors affecting the price, how Geomiq calculates this, and how you can get a quote today.

Read on to find out what CNC machining is and how much it costs to use CNC machining to create your products.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for computer numerical control and is an automated digital method of designing a product according to pre-programmed specifications. CNC is a subtractive process, meaning that parts are removed from the design materials to create the required products.

Depending on what you wish to design, and the required outcome for the material you are working with, you may use different CNC machines and methods. Geomiq is proud to offer a wide range of CNC design options at an affordable cost. This includes both CNC milling and CNC turning, with 2-3 axis and multi-axis options available.

CNC machining is a cost-effective way of manufacturing multiple identical parts you can package or construct before the full product is complete. Although CNC design methods have been used since the 1950s, recent technological advances have made the cost of CNC machining a far more realistic and feasible option for a wide range of industry professionals.

The main advantage of CNC machining is the scope for high accuracy and precision manufacturing it provides, reducing the overall cost of the manufacturing process and the risk of human error. You can also save your digital CNC designs in advance, allowing you to return to them to create further products, or easily tweak them to create something similar along the line.

Which factors affect the overall cost of CNC machining?

CNC machining costs are affected by a number of factors. The cost of CNC machined parts in the UK largely depends on the complexity and number of products you need to manufacture. It is also highly dependent on the different materials used. The hourly rate of the manufacturing process, and the total time it takes to produce the individual parts also impact the cost of CNC machining.

The factors affecting how much CNC machining costs include the different parts and materials, the labour cost, the machining costs, and any additional completion costs for your product, such as finishing, quality assurance, or special extras.

Partnering with a company like Geomiq allows you to get a quote within one business day, and receive your completed parts within as little as five working days.

When it comes to the detailed factors affecting the cost of CNC machining you can consider the following:

  • The complexity of your design: the more complex your design, the greater the cost of CNC machining. (Multiple faces needing features will mean the part or machine needs to be rotated every time, curved surfaces are machined slower than flat surfaces, hard to reach areas require special tooling)
  • The number of parts within your order: low quantity parts (1-5) require the same set up and CAM programming as higher quantity parts (5+).
  • The size of your batch: the volume of your order will significantly affect CNC machining costs, regardless of your choice of manufacturer. It is worth thinking about value for money and economies of scale when getting a quote.
  • The materials you choose to use: the different materials you choose for the CNC machining process will significantly impact costs. For example, aluminum or plastic is considerably cheaper than stainless steel. Bearing in mind material costs and comparing all options is good practice when placing an order.
  • Lead time: consider how soon you require your parts. The time between the order and the completed delivery will significantly impact the cost of CNC machining.
  • Tolerances: more stringent material tolerances require additional inspection time and quality assurance, increasing the cost of your order.
  • Choosing a finish for your order: Adding a finish to your parts is a fantastic way to create a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing product, but bear in mind that doing so will increase the overall cost of CNC machining. Consider what you require from your products in terms of appearance and durability when seeking a quote.

multiple cnc parts in different shapes

How can you reduce CNC machining costs?

When you design a product using CNC manufacturing methods, it is only natural that you want the best value for money and to reduce costs where you can. Alongside the above, consider the following to optimise the price of your order:

    1. Consider the materials you require. Remember that the cost of the individual materials in your products also affects the time of the manufacturing process, which impacts the overall cost of CNC machining based on the hourly rate.
    2. Consider the complexity of your design. Design complexity can be changed and improved to lower the cost of CNC machining when you place an order.
    3. Consider the volume of your order. Smaller orders will cost less, however, with larger orders with more parts, the price per unit ordered will be reduced. The scale of your business, and product needs will significantly impact the cost of CNC machining in the long run.

Why order CNC machined parts with Geomiq?

At Geomiq, our process is simple. When you upload a quote and specify all your requirements, you can choose from over 180 highly vetted CNC machining partners to ensure that you receive both attention to detail and top quality parts. You’ll get exceptional value for your money every time.

Geomiq also provides manufacturing updates, quality control, and delivery of your parts. You will receive three quotes in total allowing you to compare the cost of CNC machining.

Manufacturing can start the same day and be tracked via Geomiq’s platform. Certifications provided at the quality control stage are CMM, FAIR, RoHS, and Mill Certs. Following this, the cost of CNC machining will include next day delivery. The rapid turnaround time, high accuracy and scalability, and wide variety of materials accessible all make Geomiq a fantastic partner to connect you with a cost-effective and high-quality CNC machining output.

Ready to order your CNC machined parts?

CNC machining costs don’t have to be confusing. For the best option for top quality and cost efficient CNC machined parts, look no further than placing an order via Geomiq.

Get access to a 24-hour quote and start your order today.

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