Friends of Geomiq Adapting under COVID

Vikaso Virtual Strategy document

Friends of Geomiq Adapting under COVID

VIKASO is a new company based in Aylesbury focussed on integrating Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Formed with a vision of accelerating Cobot deployment in the UK, VIKASO offers an Ecosystem of Cobot products and full integration services.
April 20, 2020

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Vaibhav Boricha is an old friend of Geomiq having introduced us to the team at BMW & Rolls Royce and helping us get approved as a Tier 1 Supplier a few years ago. After leaving BMW Vaibhav formed VIKASO a Collaborative Robots (Cobots) integration specialist with a vision of accelerating Cobot deployment in the UK.

As the manufacturing industry currently faces huge challenges due to COVID-19, VIKASO has come up with a Virtual Strategy that is designed to allow manufacturing companies to continue evaluating and planning for automation. The idea being that with a small investment (e.g. £2500 for a low-complexity project), companies can see a detailed virtual concept of their automation requirements. This activity will contribute towards the final implementation, when companies are in a better position and decide to go ahead with the project. The target of this concept development offer is to validate the critical points for a Cobot application such as:

  • Cycle time.
  • Layout.
  • Safety Concept.
  • Process Concept.
  • Mechanical Concept.
  • Back-up Process (in case of breakdown).

VIKASO’s core business is Cobot Integration.This means that we can offer services right from the initial consultation to the last step of commissioning and safety certification. Products on offer go hand-in-hand with the services on offer.”

Great work VIKASO you rock!

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