Fueling the Future of Tech campaign, Crowdcube, Britbots & Linklaters partnership.

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October 7, 2019

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Fueling the Future of Tech campaign, Crowdcube, Britbots & Linklaters partnership.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Crowdcube. Who have launched Fuelling the future of tech campaign, enabling the brightest minds in robotics, AI and automation.

Big changes are occurring in the robotics industry and radical new forms of robotic technology are not far away from reality. Over the years the UK has proven to be a strong advocate of pushing the boundaries of technological development. Automation and robotisation is just one of the solutions to address global issues posed by industry inefficiencies and falling productivity.

Crowdcube in partnership with Britbots (The British Robotics Seed Fund) has allocated a £2m early-stage investment fund. Seeking the most promising emerging tech business in the UK to help them move into their next phase of growth.

This partnership has the ability to strengthen our ties with the community and give the necessary kickstart to companies who are set to change the relationship we have with technology.

With the support of Linklaters, innovators and early-stage companies will receive access to their online platform designed to give tech businesses key legal documents, insights and resources needed during early stages of growth.

We’re proud to support UK businesses who leverage advanced robotics, AI and automation technologies.

Read more & apply here:


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